Name of State

With the Schengen Agreement, the barriers between the European states have been removed.
The customhouses loose their function, and often become abandoned ruins, recalling personal and collective memories, with historical, economical, political nature.
Placed into the same natural landscapes and almost symmetrical on the two border-sides, these constructions seem to be helpless towards nature.
Paradoxically, on one hand the old barriers have been erased in order to accelerate the movement of the European citizens, responding to the globalized world’s ambitions, but on the other hand, dramatically concrete barriers raise again, to reject people who don’t have the same status.
Beyond these boundaries, the invisible ones expand: control-technologies are used to track presence and movement of people, some other, unpredictable and unstable, are fed by the fear of the other.

Like political borders, traced from above with arrogant abstraction, they have the power to exclude, reject, and deny the citizenship right.

Performed by The Mechanical Tales through Europe in 2015 - 2016, in parallel with the Red Line action.

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