An underground exploration

The Cave of San Giovanni d'Antro is the place of the encounter between the traditional choir Nediški Puobi and the The Mechanical Tales.

The performance spreads from several locations in the cave, which come to meet and merge during its development, when the viewer is invited to explore freely the space.

The cave’s morphology recalls the constellation of Cancer, which recalls the form of the mother's womb, and symbolizes the wave of time, the renewal of life.

The two images projected during the performance in two different locations connect two evolving realities and two inverse movements: the forest advancing together with depopulation and a new a community that finds space far from its place of origin. Spontaneous singing is the bridge between them.

The performance tells the story of the encounter between the spontaneous singers of Nediški Puobi from Cicigolis, the band The Mechanical Tales and was presented at the Grotta di San Giovanni d'Antro during the festival "Valli del Natisone-Through Landscape" in September 2017. 

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