Once de sogno

Visual and sound research are intertwined, giving rise to a performance to rediscover the places of Contrada Antenore in Padua, which are shot and projected in live streaming on the notes of the live concert. A journey made of sounds and moving images that develop simultaneously, starting from a familiar atmosphere to lead us into a dematerialized and dreamlike dimension.

The performance by The Mechanical Tales and Eleonora Sovrani has been created in occasion of “Innesti Urbani” festival and presented at “The Last Tycoon” club in Padua in spring 2015.


Similar landscapes are mirrored on both sides of the border. Places deprived of their former function as crossing border areas reveal their total alienation to the context in which they are located. The landscape is investigated through its inhabitants and the perceived boundaries.

RI / RS has been conceived as audio-video performance and multi-site exhibition in occasion of the festival  “Valli del Natisone - Through Landscape", which took place in 2016 on the Italian-Slovenian border.

About Fallout

About Fallout is a 1955 documentary, which was revised and expanded in 1963 by the Department of Defence of the United States to spread in an optimistic view of civil defence counter-measures to be put into effect in case of nuclear attack.

About Fallout is also the name of The Mechanical Tales’ audio-visual performance that aims to trace a continuous round-trip motion through the paradoxes that permeate human relationships, social structures, the no man's land and the borders.

The project has been conceived for the )Bandus( festival which took place at the former barracks Osoppo in December 2015 and then presented in various occasions and locations as the Visionario cinema in Udine and many clubs in Europe.

Name of State

With the Schengen Agreement, the barriers between the European states have been removed.
The customhouses loose their function, and often become abandoned ruins, recalling personal and collective memories, with historical, economical, political nature.
Placed into the same natural landscapes and almost symmetrical on the two border-sides, these constructions seem to be helpless towards nature.
Paradoxically, on one hand the old barriers have been erased in order to accelerate the movement of the European citizens, responding to the globalized world’s ambitions, but on the other hand, dramatically concrete barriers raise again, to reject people who don’t have the same status.
Beyond these boundaries, the invisible ones expand: control-technologies are used to track presence and movement of people, some other, unpredictable and unstable, are fed by the fear of the other.

Like political borders, traced from above with arrogant abstraction, they have the power to exclude, reject, and deny the citizenship right.

Performed by The Mechanical Tales through Europe in 2015 - 2016, in parallel with the Red Line action.

Red line

Like drones, surveillance cameras around the city have the ability to work unnoticed: the passer is mostly filmed unaware and becomes a passive object in the image. Sometimes the images of these webcams are shared online and thus potentially visible to all users of the network.

These actions, starting from 2015 to nowadays, aim to put in evidence virtual spaces, mediatised by online cameras around many cities in Europe, by tracing a red line on the correspondent physical spaces.

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